Shoeless Delaware Student Competes on Jeopardy

University of Delaware student Sarah Stevens played Monday's Jeopardy! sans shoes. Temple's James Fulwiler also competed (with shoes).

Notice anything special in the photo above? That’s right: In the green dress and Delaware sweatshirt is College Jeopardy! contestant Sarah Stevens, and she’s not wearing shoes. For Jeopardy! Competing shoeless on a game show is more of a Survivor type of thing.

Yes, there’s a close up:

Stevens explained her shoeless superstition to Alex Trebek during the contestant interviews.

Alex sure knows a lot about the shoe preferences of women exiting high school and college. I guess he is the host of Jeopardy!; he’s paid to know everything!

Unfortunately, neither Stevens — or Temple student James Fulwiler, who also competed on last night’s show — will be advancing to a later round.

Aww, but they looked so happy! Unfortunately, both missed Final Jeopardy! and some woman from Oklahoma won. (I’m so despondent the Philly person and the shoeless person lost I’m not even going to bother to look up her name.) Still, it’s nearly impossible to get on Jeopardy!, and Stevens and Fulwiler deserve kudos for just qualifying for the tournament in the first place.

UPDATE: Okay, let’s not be a sore loser.

Now I feel stupid. A hearty Philadelphia cheer to Whitney Thompson for a well-played game.

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