Winter PSA: How To Remove Salt Stains From Your Boots

You're welcome.

Winter weather (we’re looking at you, Hercules) has a way of wreaking havoc on public transportation, sucking the moisture from our skin, and—perhaps the worst of ’em all—totally annihilating our leather boots. Hey, we get it: Road salt helps subdue icy conditions, and our cars (and non-twisted ankles) are thankful. Unfortunately, it also leaves nasty white marks all over our shoes. Free People to the rescue! Just follow their super-helpful picture tutorial to eliminate stains at from your favorite boots. All you need is some cold water and white wine vinegar. Combine the two, dip a towel into the mixture and wipe your boots gently until the marks fade. Let air-dry and ta-dah! Your leather boots have been restored to their pre-snow-ravaged glory. You’re welcome.