Covet: You Won’t Believe What Shoe Is Making A Comeback

Your feet will thank you.

Newsflash: In case you haven’t been glued to your street-style blogs and fashion mags, Birkenstocks have made a comeback among the style set (even Vogue gave them the thumbs-up!). But before you pull out your totally beat-up, worn-out, stained and smelly suede two-strappers from college (c’mon, you know you had a pair), consider one of the ultra-luxe riffs on the sandal, like Marni’s wide-strapped leather version, complete with a slice of gold hardware at the footbed. They’re wonderfully solid—enough of piddly T-strap sandals hanging on by a thread!—and the thick leather bands keep them from making that annoying slap-slap-slap sound as you walk. Invest in them now, and then wear with a simple white slip-dress or a pair of jeans come summer. Don’t want to shell out for them? Buy a new, fresh pair of classic Birkenstocks, and you’ll look just as fashion-savvy.