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Things to Do

Rocky, Star Wars Let Us Grow Old With Favorite Characters

I went and saw Creed last weekend. Reader, I cried. I cried when Rocky Balboa got sick. I cried when Creed put on his papa’s […]

Things to Do

The Three Main Problems With Creed

Have you ever had the eerie realization that you were being directly marketed to? Have you ever watched a commercial for light beer featuring 15 urban […]

Be Well Philly

Baby Named Rocky (After the Rocky 50K) Will Be At This Year’s Rocky 50K Finish

So, remember that baby who was named Rocky, not so much after Rocky the character, but after the Rocky 50K run? I’m not making this up, […]

Things to Do

Yes, Creed Is As Good As Everyone Says

Over the last week or so, a funny thing happened. In the days leading up to the Thanksgiving Eve release of the new Rocky movie […]

Things to Do

Mike Huckabee Sued for Using Rocky III Theme Song

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been sued by Survivor band member, guitarist and songwriter Frankie Sullivan for using his 1982 hit “Eye of the […]

Things to Do

10 Strange Rocky Items You Can Buy on Etsy

With Creed fever in high gear, there are quite a few companies who are throwing their hats in the ring selling movie merchandise to celebrate all things […]

Things to Do

Rapper Future Remixes Rocky Theme

Just in time for the release of Creed at the end of the month, Atlanta rapper Future has taken the original Rocky theme, that triumphal tune […]

Things to Do

PHOTOS: Big Crowds Greet Sylvester Stallone and Creed Cast at Rocky Steps

A huge crowd of Rocky fans turned up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Rocky Steps” this morning to greet Sylvester Stallone and the cast […]


New Rocky Movie Creed Features Johnny Brenda’s In a Big Way

Way back in 2013, a band from Los Angeles called Caught a Ghost played an opening slot on a Thursday night at popular Fishtown bar-restaurant-nightclub […]

Things to Do

Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan Coming to “Rocky Steps” on Friday

Creed isn’t coming out for another few weeks, but excitement is starting to build for the latest in the Rocky franchise. And this Friday, anybody […]

Things to Do

The “Rocky” Movies, Ranked (And Where We Think “Creed” Is Going to Land)

Although it’s still months away from release (November 25th), the new Rocky spinoff Creed has a lot of people talking. The film stars Michael B. […]

City Life

Frankie Sullivan from Survivor Pretty Angry “Eye of The Tiger” Used at Kim Davis Rally

It’s the iconic song from Rocky III, but the lead singer from Survivor isn’t too pleased that Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee used “Eye of […]

Things to Do

These Vintage Rocky Puppets Are Terrifying

I happened to stumble upon a set of Rocky and Mr. T boxing puppets that were for sale on Etsy, and, oh boy, talk about nightmare […]

Things to Do

The Ambulance Route in Rocky II Is Completely Baffling

Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece about the Rocky running route in Rocky II. It turned out Rocky’s montage run (when connected arbitrarily, […]

Things to Do

Sylvester Stallone Putting Rocky’s Gloves and Other Items Up for Auction

Come October, you could own a piece of Rocky history for the right price–you know, if living on the film’s set isn’t enough for you. AP […]