Rapper Future Remixes Rocky Theme

Just in time for the release of Creed at the end of the month, Atlanta rapper Future has taken the original Rocky theme, that triumphal tune composed by Bill Conti, and remixed it into a hip-hop number. It’s actually pretty good — especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

The song is all about pushing past adversity. The lyrics stay true to the movie, with lines like, “I was down on my last when I found myself. / I’ll be a fighter to the end, to my last breath. / I’ve got angels all around me, yea, yea. / I’ve got love all around me, yea, yea. / … I’m gonna hustle to my last breath.”

The rap is called “Last Breath.” It’s produced by Metro Boomin and Ludwig Goransson, and it will appear on the major motion picture soundtrack for Creed.

Check it out below, from the man The Daily Beast just named “the hottest rapper 0f 2015.” What do you think about the reworking?

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