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City Life

In New Rocky Movie, Stallone Will Need a Walker to Get Up the Art Museum Steps

Gonna fly now…. Via The 700 Level, we see that Sylvester Stallone is planning another Rocky movie. Trying hard now… But it’s totally not a […]

City Life

WATCH: 86-Year-Old Grandma Does The Rocky Steps

Trust us when we say that literally dozens of times a day, somebody uploads a video of themselves running the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia […]

City Life

It’s Time to Ditch Rocky, Philadelphia

It was 1996, and I was standing at the top of the Art Museum steps looking down the Ben Franklin Parkway to City Hall. A […]

City Life

WATCH: The Rocky Training Montage. With Puppets.

Some truth: There are few days that go by that somebody on the Internet doesn’t post video of their jog up the “Rocky” steps at […]


No, Seriously, the Rocky Musical Is Coming to Broadway. And the Rocky II House Is Still for Sale

It was a big hit in Germany, but now it’s coming to its native shores: Rocky, Das Musical. There are many, many questions one might […]

City Life

“Rocky” Musical Officially Coming to Broadway

Let another round of “Yo!” jokes commence. Rocky das Musikal, apparently a smash-hit in Hamburg, is officially slated for the U.S.A., and we’re not talking […]

City Life

(A) Stallone to Play (A) Rizzo in New Biopic

It’s a veritable family affair! Playboy Harry Jay Katz has bought the rights to Sal Paolantonio’s Rizzo biography, and his son David Bar Katz, whose […]

City Life

Rocky’s House Can Be Yours, Unless This Rocky Enthusiast Buys it First

Friday it was revealed that Rocky’s southwest Philly rowhome (the one he buys in Rocky II with winnings) was being sold for $139,000. Forget Rocky […]


Rocky-Fest at South Philly Bar & Grill

I used to be annoyed with the Rocky obsession that’s consumed this city. No fictional character should have their statue erected next to one of […]

City Life

An Adrian Mural for South Philly?

Why is there no Adrian mural in Philadelphia? Everybody from McNabb to Frank Rizzo to these strange M.C. Escher nurses has got one. Is she […]

City Life

“Rocky” the Musical Debuts…in Germany

The item surfaced last week, but “Rocky” the Musical isn’t coming stateside anytime soon, so we all have plenty of time to absorb the news. […]

City Life

VIDEO: Guy Who Had Massive Stroke Climbs the Rocky Steps

  This, ladies and gentlemen, is your official reason to stop griping about the Rocky statue and all the cliché that usually comes with it. […]

City Life

Sly Stallone Shares a Hospital Room With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rocky and the Terminator both underwent recent shoulder surgeries. Yesterday, Schwarzenegger tweeted a picture of the two side-by-side in hospital beds. The only thing that […]

City Life

Tim Tebow Thinks He’s Rocky

Ray Didinger recalls a conversation he had with Tim Tebow back at the 2009 Maxwell Club Dinner when America’s newest obsession was accepting an honor […]

City Life

Rick Santorum Looks for Rematch in New Hampshire

After losing the Iowa caucus by a margin of eight votes, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum is looking forward to a second shot at Mitt […]