Update: The Rocky II House in South Philadelphia Has Sold

We’re feeling the love for Rocky II these days. The Philly Post’s Dan McQuade analyzed and mapped Rocky Balboa’s famous filmic run, which took him (most memorably) through the Italian Market and up the Art Museum steps as well as other Philadelphia neighborhoods. McQuade calculated that the run traveled through 10 neighborhoods and traversed more than 30 miles.

Looking at the clips and photos of the film in McQuade’s post put us in mind of the Girard Estate home at 2313 S. Lambert Street — around 20th and Wolf — that starred as Rocky and Adrian’s home in Rocky II. (In the movie, the real estate agent showing the home to the couple said it was in “a very good neighborhood.”) That three-bedroom home went on the market this spring for $139,900, and the listing included a Rocky II mention as a selling point.

Nonetheless, it didn’t sell until last month, and at more than $10,000 below its asking price. What’s wrong with people? This is a cinematic treasure!

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