In New Rocky Movie, Stallone Will Need a Walker to Get Up the Art Museum Steps

Gonna fly now…. Via The 700 Level, we see that Sylvester Stallone is planning another Rocky movie. Trying hard now… But it’s totally not a movie about the vanity of a sexagenarian who somehow thinks he can defeat fighters a third his age while managing to miraculously pass any urine tests posed to him by boxing authorities. Getting strong now….

HitFix has the details:

MGM is developing a new chapter in the long-running “Rocky” franchise, with this one focusing on the grandson of Rocky’s one-time rival, Apollo Creed.

Sylvester Stallone will once again return as Rocky Balboa, who is now fully retired (we’ll believe it when we see it), but agrees to train the young Creed as he enters the world of pro boxing.

But if a black guy plays the protagonist, how are they going to make a black guy the villain? That doesn’t follow the logic of the Rocky movies at all!

Anyway, maybe this would be a good time for Stallone to, er, Mickey his way out of the franchise and see if he can claim an acting Oscar on the way out the door. Won’t be long now…