Rocky’s Famous Run Goes Through 10 Neighborhoods

rocky.2.run_The Philly Post’s Dan McQuade decided to puzzle out how far Rocky Balboa ran during his iconic running montage that takes him (and, now, thousands of tourists) up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The answer? Far.

But aside from raw mileage, the number of neighborhoods the Italian Stallion traverses is also impressive, which makes me think there were real estate agents involved in the making of the film.

Come on, Joanne Davidow, ’fess up: Did you orchestrate this whole thing?

Here are the represented ’hoods:

1. Art Museum area
2. Logan Square
3. Old City
4. Center City
5. Kensington
6. Bella Vista
7. Hunting Park
8. Girard Estates
9. North Central
10. Callowhill

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