Baby Named Rocky (After the Rocky 50K) Will Be At This Year’s Rocky 50K Finish

Dressed as Rocky Balboa, of course. 

Baby Rocky | Photo via Dana Stow

Baby Rocky | Photo via Dana Stow

So, remember that baby who was named Rocky, not so much after Rocky the character, but after the Rocky 50K run? I’m not making this up, swear. If you need a refresher: Back in 2013, the first year of the Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run, local runner Dana Stow ran the fun run — that’s 31 miles of fun, if you didn’t know — and soon after found out she was pregnant. The not-yet-born baby got nicknamed Rocky and the name stuck. Come August of 2014, Rocky Asa Noon was born, and Stow emailed Rocky 50K founder Rebecca Barber to let her know “the Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run was what inspired us to name our boy Rocky.”

And I know it doesn’t sound like it could get any cuter, but it does.

This weekend, baby Rocky, who is 16 months old now, will be at the finish line of the race — the one he was named after — cheering the very tired runners in. (Er, well, doing what cheering a 16-month-old can do.) And like the runners, baby Rocky will be dressed in his best Rocky Balboa get-up. As Stow tells me, “I just got a red headband for him, but I don’t know if he’ll wear it.” Because being that Rocky is 16 months old, he doesn’t really understand how it will pull his look together.

If plans go accordingly (babies can be unpredictable, you know), Stow says she and baby Rocky will be at the Art Museum Steps around 11 a.m. tomorrow to cheer runners in to the finish line.“He just learned to walk, so I think he’ll like the steps,” Stow says.

So Rocky 50K runners, if you need some extra incentive to keep pushing through that last mile of the 31 miles (trust me, you will need extra incentive), just think of the joy that will come with seeing a baby named Rocky dressed as Rocky Balboa. So. Much. Joy. (And note: There’s still time to join in on the Rocky 50K. The fun run is free, and leaves from Wolf and Lambert streets in South Philly at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Or, if you don’t want to run the full 31 miles, you can jump in wherever you’d like along the course. Just make sure to show up in your sweatsuit!)

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