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president's house
City Life

The First White House Was Right Here in Philly

This coming Monday is Presidents’ Day, a weird hybrid holiday that used to be just Washington’s Birthday, celebrated on February 22nd, but got moved to […]

gritty, who only got one write in vote for president of the united states in the philadelphia election results
City Life

Poor Gritty Only Got One Vote for President in Philly

Now that all of Donald Trump’s fraud claims regarding the Philadelphia election results have been debunked and Pennsylvania’s results have been certified, we can start […]

screenshots from interviews that eight Philadelphians gave on the day after Donald Trump won the 2016 election
City Life

Here’s What Philly Had to Say the Day After Trump Won the 2016 Election

November 9, 2016. That was the day when those of us who didn’t stay up late enough to see the final election results woke up […]

richard vague
City Life

Is This Rich Middle-Aged White Guy From Texas the Most Revolutionary Thinker in Philly?

Richard Vague said he wanted to do the focus groups himself. Yes, yes, he told his seasoned — and worried — political advisers; he knew […]

Donald Trump
City Life

Donald Trump Is the President America Deserves

Another day, another insult from president-elect Donald Trump. As you have no doubt heard, on the eve of MLK weekend Trump took to attacking the […]

Donald Trump at a rally
City Life

After Trump’s Win, White Liberals Are Now a Minority

Around 2:40 a.m. on election night, I left the watch party I’d been attending and took an Uber home. It was shortly after the Associated […]

City Life

LGBTQ Celebrities Sound Off After Trump Victory

After Republican candidate Donald Trump won last night’s race for the presidency, LGBTQ celebrities reacted on Twitter about the news. It’s very clear none of […]

Things to Do

New City’s Latest Thrusts Would-Be Reagan Assassin John Hinckley Jr.
Into the Spotlight

When John Hinckley Jr. pulled the trigger six times on March 30, 1981, he was trying to kill then-president Ronald Reagan. But his real motivation […]

Things to Do

NMAJH and NCC Are #OpenInPHL and Free on President’s Day

If you’re lucky enough to have the day off you may want to take the opportunity to check out some of our local museums that […]

City Life

Romney: Gay Families Are Not Right

Video footage shows GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney criticizing LGBTY families and kids, saying he opposes amending birth certificates for same-sex parents.

Birds 24/7

Vick Will Slide On First Run Of The Year For Obama

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickMichael Vick is still on a high after learning that the President of the United States is hip to his game and wants the QB to start sliding this season.

In true campaign form, Vick vowed he would change and made a promise to the President Obama.

“I was stunned. I didn’t believe it. It was awesome, though,” said Vick of being recognized by the most powerful man in the world. “You think to yourself, ‘Yo, man, he’s got a point.’ If he says it then I’ve got to do it, so the first run of the year I’ll slide and he’ll know it was for him.”

City Life

Dan Savage Drops F-Bomb

San Savage lashes out at GOProud, a conservative gay group, for endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

City Life

It’s About Time, Mr. President

My first reaction to President Obama saying he now supports gay marriage was: Whew, finally. He’s the first U.S. president to take that stand. It’s […]

City Life

Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

It may take some time before many of us will fully realize the significance of President Obama’s “coming out,” as it were, in favor of […]

City Life

Gay Romney Spokesman Resigns

One of Mitt Romney’s top spokesmen Richard Grenell has resigned from the campaign as of late yesterday, reports the Washington Post. His departure comes just […]