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City Life

Here’s a Map Showing PPA Cars Parked Where You’re Not Allowed to Park

Hating the PPA is as Philadelphian as cheesesteaks, Rocky, and being thoroughly unsurprised at political corruption. But online presence PPAWatch does more than just hate […]

City Life

PPA to Eliminate Smart Cards by Year’s End

The Philadelphia Parking Authority announced today it is phasing out Smart Cards by the end of 2014. It will stop selling them May 30th, and […]


Philadelphia Parking Authority Boots Widow’s Car Over 23-Year-Old Tickets

Bucks County’s Judi Space had to come to Center City last week to meet with her estate attorney, since her husband passed away suddenly in […]

City Life

A Photo of a PPA Truck Towing a PPA Car

Either a PPA car was not following parking laws. (Not entirely unusual.) Or a PPA car was, more boringly, broken down. Either way, we love […]

Be Well Philly

PPA Turns to Twitter to Ticket Cars Parked in Bike Lanes

If you’re a driver who frequently parks in bike lanes (tsk tsk), take note: The Philadelphia Parking Authority has taken to Twitter to stop bike-lane-blocking drivers […]

City Life

The War on Scooters Has Begun

Starting this month, the PPA has begun cracking down on illegally parked scooters. (I.E. Vespas. Not to be confused with Mopeds. They are different things, […]

City Life

Street Artist Kid Hazo Gets Giant Cardboard Revenge on the PPA

First, he went after the vampire squirrels in LOVE Park. Then, it was the fist-pumping bros of Drexel. Now, Phillly street artist Kid Hazo has […]

City Life

@PPAwatch Is the PPA’s Worst Social Media Nightmare

We’ve all seen it: PPA sedans making their own parking spots, vans stationed in front of fire hydrants, handicapped spots occupied by regrettably un-handicapped PPA […]

City Life

The PPA Has Started Rolling Out Its New $5,000 Logo

If you ponied up for street parking over the weekend, you may have noticed something besides the usual hatred every good Philadelphian feels when dealing […]

City Life

The PPA Has Won the War Against Sidecar

Sidecar, the “car-sharing” service that paired taxi-hating customers with rando drivers, has ceased to operate in Philadelphia. Since February, when the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) […]

City Life

Here’s How I Got Two Bad Philly Cab Drivers Off the Street

It seems like not a day goes by without me hearing a complaint, curse-spiked rant or horror story about Philadelphia’s taxicabs. They overcharged me! He […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: Perfection in a Parking Meter

Last week’s CBS3 headline read: “PPA Plans To Keep Old School Meters In Most Philadelphia Neighborhoods.” The good news? That means most neighborhoods won’t have […]

City Life

WATCH: PPA Video Touts Benefits Of Red Light Cameras

This is a pretty straightforward video about the benefits of red light cameras in Philly, put out today by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Mostly, though, […]

City Life

Forget Cabs and Uber: Free SideCar Rides All Weekend [Updated]

For an update to this story, scroll to the bottom. On Monday, we broke the news that the Philadelphia Parking Authority shut down new “ride-sharing” […]

City Life

Better Parking Means Less Money for PPA

CBS Philly reports that the Philadelphia Parking Authority is expecting to collect $4 million less in revenue this year. “PPA executive director Vince Fennerty says […]