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PPA Mobile App Taking Shape

It’s not every day (or any day, really) that I find myself saying good things about the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Yes, it’s got a rep as a […]

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City Hall Wants to Delay Parking App

The Philadelphia Parking Authority wants to offer a new smartphone app that would nearly automate the process of paying for on-street parking, but it has […]

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9 Reasons Not to Observe April Fools’ Day in Philly

In some parts of the country, I can see how April Fool’s Day has the potential to be fun. Everyone likes a good prank, and […]

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The Price of a Philadelphia Taxi Medallion Keeps on Dropping

The taxi business apparently isn’t what it used to be in Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Parking Authority in May will start selling cab medallions — the […]

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No More Stinky, Old, Beat Up Cabs for Philadelphia?

Anyone (okay, almost anyone) who rides taxicabs in Philadelphia with any frequency knows that compared to other major cities, our cabs are pretty terrible, which […]

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Uber Helping PPA Bust UberX Drivers

Two weeks ago, UberX drivers in the Philadelphia area received an email from Uber HQ telling them that if they wanted to remain Uber “partners,” […]

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PPA Sting Operation Nets One Lyft Impoundment

On Friday night, the new Lyft “ridesharing” service hit the streets of Philadelphia. And so did undercover agents from the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s Taxi & […]


Lyft Planning to Launch in Philadelphia

Lyft, the ride-hailing service that is the chief competitor to Uber, is planning to launch in Philadelphia. Billy Penn reported on a Craigslist ad asking […]


Update: Philly Parking Kiosks Taking Cards Again

UPDATE: The PPA announced credit cards are working in parking kiosks again. “We want to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the failure of our […]

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PPA Tells Uber Drivers to Rat Out UberX Drivers

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has enlisted a novel army in its ongoing war against the city’s illegally operating UberX car service: the Uber Black licensed […]

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Your UberX Driver May Be a Deranged Killer (and May Charge You Surge Pricing)

Since the Philadelphia Parking Authority impounded six UberX cars last weekend and then released them, there’s been nary a peep from the PPA about the […]

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PPA Releases Impounded UberX Cars

Over the weekend, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which oversees all taxis and limousines in city limits, impounded six UberX cars in an undercover sting operation, […]

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Nutter Urges Peace Between PPA, Uber

Mayor Nutter is urging peace in the war between the Philadelphia Parking Authority and ride-sharing service UberX — and suggesting that the PPA has a […]

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PPA Impounds UberX Vehicles in Undercover Sting Operation

[UPDATE] Uber has issued a statement calling the PPA sting a “deplorable charade.” [ORIGINAL] On Saturday, we told you that Uber had announced the arrival […]

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Uber Launches UberX In Philadelphia, But PPA Says “Not So Fast”

UPDATE 10/26 1:50 p.m.: The Philadelphia Parking Authority has impounded UberX vehicles through an undercover sting operation. For the full report, go here. ORIGINAL: On […]