PPA: We’ll Tow Your Car If You Park In the Middle of Broad Street During DNC

The weird and illegal Philly parking tradition is temporarily put on hold.

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

People have been parking their cars in the middle of Broad Street for as long as anyone can remember, even though it’s against the law. It’s just one of those Philly things, and one that has apparently been going on for at least 100 years. But one agency known best for killing everyone’s fun has announced that your car will be towed if you attempt to park it on the South Broad Street median during the Democratic National Convention.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority issued a statement on Saturday, assuring residents that it will be out in force towing illegal parkers on Broad Street (and elsewhere, presumably) during the DNC. Their South Broad Street enforcement began on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and will continue until Friday, July 29th at 8 p.m.

In case you were unaware of the ban and walked outside this morning wondering what the hell happened to your Prius, it is down at the Philadelphia Parking Authority Impoundment Lot No. 2, which is located at 2535 South Swanson Street. You can pick up a Tony Luke’s sandwich while you’re down there. It’s right around the corner.

You’ll have to pay a $51 ticket. But — and this is a big but — in a shocking display of mercy, the PPA says that you won’t have to pay the tow fee normally assessed when your car is towed for being parked illegally. You’ll just have to show proof that it’s your car. But if you’re a scofflaw who happens to have a bunch of unpaid parking tickets, God help you.

The PPA notes that regular old curb parking along South Broad Street is OK during the DNC, but given that those spots are normally full, we’re not exactly sure where all these median parkers are supposed to stash their cars.

For the complete history of illegal Broad Street median parking, check out this article by Dan McQuade.

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