The War on Scooters Has Begun

PPA vs. Eurotrash, Vol. 1.

Starting this month, the PPA has begun cracking down on illegally parked scooters. (I.E. Vespas. Not to be confused with Mopeds. They are different things, OK? Geez.) There are a select few places where you can park your scooter–at half the rate of normal parking–in Center City.

The list is located here. Basically, the area in which you can plant your two-wheeler encompasses the area between Arch and Locust and Broad and 20th, with a few exceptions. As for parking a Scooter outside Center City–well, you might not want to do that anyways. This city may be gentrifying at an alarming rate, but I just don’t see scooter-riding going over well in Port Richmond just yet. [CBS 3]