@PPAwatch Is the PPA’s Worst Social Media Nightmare

We’ve all seen it: PPA sedans making their own parking spots, vans stationed in front of fire hydrants, handicapped spots occupied by regrettably un-handicapped PPA officials—the list goes on. One twitter user, though, is doing something about it and suffering the consequences.

For those of you who don’t know, @PPAwatch posts driver-submitted photos of PPA vehicles breaking their own strictly enforced rules, serving as the ultimate example of the organization’s “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. Naturally, the account’s founder, who remains anonymous, got the PPA’s attention.

Which is why over the weekend the increasingly popular @PPAwatch account was suspended—ostensibly for using the PPA’s new trademarked logo, causing confusing for people wanting to contact the real outfit. Riiiiiiiight.

Yesterday, though, @PPAwatch removed the official PPA logo and had their account restored. Today, they’re up to almost 900 followers and counting, dishing out PPA-themed justice to wrongdoers on the organization’s inside.

So remember the next time you’re out: if you see something, tweet something. The PPA can’t get away with it forever. [NBC]