Property’s Morning Obsession: Perfection in a Parking Meter

Last week’s CBS3 headline read: “PPA Plans To Keep Old School Meters In Most Philadelphia Neighborhoods.” The good news? That means most neighborhoods won’t have to master those inscrutable kiosks that reject fully 50 percent of the dollar bills you own. The bad news? The words “old school” are a bit of an understatement.

Over at Yanko Design, where builders and inventors launch prototypes and get feedback, DCA Design International has developed this parking meter, which looks phenomenal. As Yanko’s Radhika Seth put it, “We need this parking meter NOW!” I would argue Seth hasn’t seen parking meter need until he’s been to Philly.

This meter, called ParkD, has a lot of the same features the Philadelphia kiosks do, only made better, and with smartphone sync. And the aesthetics, well, they speak for themselves.

We need this parking meter NOW!