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Inquirer Management Fears Philly Could Have No Daily Paper in 5 Years

Top management at the Philadelphia Inquirer has told newsroom staffers they must radically transform the “newspaper of record” into a “robust digital company,” or else […]

City Life

Journalists Union Declares No Confidence in Inquirer Publisher

The ongoing feud between Philadelphia Media Network and the NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia escalated last week as the newspaper union took the unprecedented step of […]

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Union for News and Ad Staff at PMN Alleges Company Stiffed Members on Pensions

Declining circulation. Evaporating print revenue. Meager digital ad monetization. Yes, times are tough these days in the newspaper business. Further complicating matters for Philadelphia Media […]

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You’ll Soon Have to Pay to Read Philly.com Stories

If you read a lot of Philly.com stories, you’re going to have to start paying for them. Starting September 5th, the website of the Inquirer and the Daily […]


We Want Answers: Josh Kopelman on Technology’s Next Wave of Disruption

For much of the past 15 years, venture capitalist Josh Kopelman has lived his life in 15-minute increments, dashing from one phone call or meeting […]

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Venture Capitalist Josh Kopelman Replaces Gerry Lenfest as PMN Chairman

The Philadelphia Media Network announced Tuesday that Josh Kopelman, a venture capitalist, has been named chair of its board, which operates the Inquirer, Daily News […]

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Will Inky, WHYY Compete for Grant Money?

Is this town big enough for two large-scale, grant-funded reporting enterprises? We’re about to find out. Tuesday’s announcement that the Philadelphia Media Network — owner […]

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What They’re Saying About the Inky’s New Non-Profit Ownership

As expected, the news industry is taking notice of Gerry Lenfest’s decision to transfer ownership of Philly’s major newspapers — the Inquirer and Daily News, […]

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10 Burning Questions About the Inquirer‘s New Nonprofit Ownership

Three themes emerged from Tuesday morning’s formal announcement that Philadelphia Media Network — owner of the Inquirer, Daily News, and Philly.com — is being placed […]

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Philly.com Editor Departs for NY Job

Mike Topel, the executive editor of Philly.com, is departing that position for a job in New York. A spokesperson for Philadelphia Media Network confirmed today […]

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“Gerry the Grinch” Website Receives Cease-and-Desist Letter

It would appear the fake Gerry Lenfest has the real Gerry Lenfest’s attention. In the aftermath of the layoffs at Philadelphia Media Network — which […]

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“Gerry the Grinch” Parody Takes Aim at Newspaper Layoffs

Doesn't anybody get it? I need to axe staff so I can sink more money into saving this musty old claptrap. pic.twitter.com/zOyvAyHhyM — Gerry The […]

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Philly Newspapers Sue Landlord Over Lack of Signage at Headquarters

The Inquirer and Daily News once occupied one of the most easily recognized buildings in Philadelphia — the 18-floor tower on North Broad Street that suggested […]

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Website Connects Laid-Off Journalists With New Jobs

The 46 journalists laid off last week at Philadelphia Media Network are getting an assist in finding their next job. Davis Shaver, the digital products […]

City Life

Newspaper Guild Offers to Buy Philadelphia Daily News

The union that represents journalists at Philly’s biggest newspapers is — once again — offering to buy the Daily News, this time in the wake […]