Website Connects Laid-Off Journalists With New Jobs

"Can I Still Hire a Former PMNer?" the site asks. Yes, yes you can.

Former PMNer 940 x 540

A screenshot from the web site.

The 46 journalists laid off last week at Philadelphia Media Network are getting an assist in finding their next job.

Davis Shaver, the digital products and solutions lead at Philadelphia Media Network, has helped set up, an online clearinghouse that aims to bring together the journalists with potential employers. (He was joined by’s Brian X. McCrone in helping create the site.) Dozens of companies have listed openings at the site already; nobody’s been hired yet, but workers are already starting to make potential matches.

“I think it’s going well, all things considered,” Shaver said. “It’s been amazing to see the outpouring of support from newsrooms in Philly and across the country. It’s really encouraging. It’s one of the silver linings.”

So far, the answer to “Can I Still Hire a Former PMNer” is still yes: 100 percent of the employees notified they’ll be laid off are still available to take new jobs.

Shaver has been through this before: He helped set up a similar site several years ago when Digital First Media pulled the plug on its digital Project Thunderdome, scattering digitally oriented journalists to the winds. The “Can I Still Hire a Thunderdomer” website helped those workers get fresh starts.

“I can’t wait for the day we can put this playbook on the shelf. Layoffs are traumatic events,” Shaver said. “Until we figure out the digital business model that will sustain us the next decade or two, this is the land we inhabit. It’s a fight worth fighting.”

The layoffs go into effect December 4th.

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