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City Will Lease Mayor’s Box at Wells Fargo Center to Help Fund Schools

The city will lease the so-called “Mayor’s Suite” at the Wells Fargo Center for $100k annually – and the revenue, which will likely exceed that, will go toward […]

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The Quiet Commissioner: Inside Richard Ross’s First Year as Top Cop

Richard Ross waited a decade for the chance to get into this chair. It’s a smooth, ergonomic number with a high back — a captain’s […]

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Report: Kenney Staff Told Activists to “Corner” Anti–Soda Tax Councilwoman

Some of Mayor Jim Kenney‘s top staffers suggested that a group of activists “corner” Councilwoman María Quiñones-Sánchez at a public event earlier this year to get her […]


In 2016, Jim Kenney Reminded Us How Effective a Seasoned Politician Can Be

Jim Kenney doesn’t want to be here. It’s mid-October, and we’re meeting in his sprawling office in City Hall to talk about something that should […]

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Kenney: No Punishment Yet for City Attorney ID’d in Anti-Trump Vandalism

Mayor Jim Kenney said he will wait to determine a course of action regarding the city attorney who was allegedly caught photographing an accomplice’s anti-Donald Trump […]

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Council Members Push to Protect More of Philly’s Historic Architecture

A bill introduced in City Council on Thursday morning could end up nearly doubling the budget of the Philadelphia Historical Commission, a small department charged […]

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Enough With the Free Turkeys, Politicians — Get Serious About Reducing Poverty

The older I get, the more I realize that for all of the progress Philadelphia prides itself on, there is still so much that needs […]

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To Resist Trump, Fix Philly’s Elite, Boring, Anti-Competitive Democratic Party

Philadelphia’s Democratic Party suffers from the same cancer as the national Democratic Party. Only it’s arguably much more advanced. Think the Democratic National Committee favored […]

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Kenney Says Philly Turnout Was High Tuesday. That’s Completely Untrue.

Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney released a statement yesterday in the wake of the election of Republican Donald Trump. Along with encouraging residents not to “simply […]

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Relish Trounces Famous in Election Day Power Food Matchup

Look, I know we’re all dying to see how that awful reality TV show — Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Election 2016 — will end tonight. History will be […]

Max Schreck; Rudy Giuliani

Mayor Kenney Calls Rudy Giuliani “Nosferatu”

https://twitter.com/JimFKenney/status/795352972662337537 Jim Kenney may be mayor, but he’s still a Philadelphian. And, fortunately, he still has his Twitter account. Yesterday, tweeting from his informal @JimFKenney […]

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This Anti-Immigration Bill Has Stalled In Harrisburg — And It Should Stay Stalled

Philly Republican state Rep. Martina White’s controversial HB 1885 bill, which would penalize and make liable municipalities with sanctuary city protections in place for undocumented residents, did […]


Why SRC Haters Finally Have a Real Shot at Abolishing It

The School Reform Commission is astonishingly unpopular in Philadelphia: Only 11 percent of residents think it should exist. Donald Trump has more support than that here! […]

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Kenney, Labor Leaders Shame Trump Over Failed Waterfront Project

The 2016 campaign season is bringing name-calling back in a big way. In the final presidential debate on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a […]

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You’ll Never Guess What Philadelphians Worry About the Most

Either the public schools have gotten better in a hurry, or people around here are starting to pay more attention to stories like this and this […]