Mayor Kenney Went to a Miami Hooters to Watch the Eagles

It happened in October when he was at a conference. A spokesman says it was the only place showing the game.

Photo illustration, obviously | Hooters photo by Ildar Sagdejev (license)

Jim Kenney needed to watch the Eagles game, and there was only once place he could do it. That place turned out to be Hooters.

This week’s Clout column in the Daily News features an excellent story about the mayor’s attendance at a tech conference in Miami in October. Per the column, Kenney wanted to watch the Eagles that weekend.

“He scoured the whole place to see where he could watch the Eagles,” Kenney spokesman Marty O’Rourke told the Daily News, “and the only place that had the Eagles playing was Hooters.”

Kenney’s campaign expensed a $265 meal at the family restaurant that Wikipedia notes has a name that’s “a double entendre referring to both its owl logo, a bird known for its “hooting” calls, and an American slang term for human breasts popularized by comedian Steve Martin on the hit comedy series Saturday Night Live.”

Kenney was at CityLab 2016, which was held from October 23rd to 25th in Miami. The Eagles beat the Vikings, then undefeated, 21-10. After the win, the Eagles would then go 1-7 in its next eight games, eliminating the team from playoff contention. Did Mayor Kenney accidentally curse the Eagles by going to Hooters?!