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Market Report: Why Elton John Is Calling for a Dolce & Gabbana Boycott

The battle continues between Elton John and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana after Dolce used the phrase “synthetic babies” to describe babies conceived via alternative methods—ya know, […]


NAACP Suspends Philly Chapter Officers

The Philadelphia Tribune’s Johann Calhoun reports the national office of the NAACP has suspended four officers involved in a dispute over money. The NAACP suspended […]

New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Weiner
City Life

Jennifer Weiner v. Jonathan Franzen, Vol. III

  First, Jonathan Franzen wrote a lengthy diatribe against Twitter and its adherents, especially bemoaning the “Jennifer Weiner-ish self-promotion” the web breeds. Then, Weiner fired […]

City Life

PR Guy Pissing Match Erupts Over Racist Cheesesteak Pissing Match

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s been a big brouhaha over Northeast Philadelphia cheesesteak shop Chink’s changing its name to Joe’s. Supposedly, Joe’s […]

City Life

70-Year-Old Ron Perlman Says 96 Year-Old Ray Perelman “Still Has His Eye on Pretty Girls”

Philly industrialist/family-feuding scion Ron Perelman, 70, sat down for a $210, 90-minute lunch with the Financial Times recently. Here are the best tid-bits from the […]

City Life

The PPA Has Won the War Against Sidecar

Sidecar, the “car-sharing” service that paired taxi-hating customers with rando drivers, has ceased to operate in Philadelphia. Since February, when the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) […]

City Life

Main Line Filmmaker in Bitter Feud With Martin Scorsese’s Daughter

There aren’t too many Philadelphia stories that involve Martin Scorsese, his daughter Catherine Scorsese, actor Ray Liotta of Goodfellas fame, or pop prince Jesse McCartney. […]

City Life

State Senator Rails Against that “Damn Sheetz” in Liquor Hearing

Sheetz, that backwatery, red-headed stepchild of a convenience store, is lobbying for liquor privatization so that it can sell beer. Boosters say it will create […]

City Life

John Bolaris Feud Alert: Texts Fly After Man Says His Daughter Resembles “Anteater”

Former meteorologist and feud enthusiast John Bolaris, who may or may not be decamping for New York City, has gotten into another instant-classic spat. This […]

City Life

Richie Sambora Finally Strikes Back in Bon Jovi Catfight

Ever since Richie Sambora backed out of Bon Jovi’s world tour, JBJ’s been hinting that Sambora’s personal (ahem, drug) issues are holding him back. He […]

City Life

Kobe Bryant and His Mom Are Fighting Over His Lower Merion Jerseys

Kobe Bryant’s mom wants to sell off a big collection of her son’s old jerseys so she can buy herself a new home in Nevada. […]

City Life

Ann Curry Could Save Matt Lauer From Getting Fired From the Today Show

Television hosts and anchors have an unusual relationship with their viewers. It is a relationship that is constantly analyzed, measured and dissected by researchers, focus […]

City Life

The Barnes on the Parkway Is a Smashing Success. Deal With It.

I saw this headline today and immediately felt like going to bed: “Controversial Barnes Foundation Passes Included in Philly’s New Hotel Promo.” It’s from a […]

City Life

Mark Segal’s Reputation Deserves Better Than Mark Segal

Mark Segal sure likes his adjectives. Last Friday the Philadelphia Gay News publisher wrote a column in which he called Philly Mag “racist,” “sexist” and […]

City Life

Let’s All Come Up With a Symbol for the PR Man Formerly Known as Brian Tierney

Back in 1998, local PR maven and future former Philadelphia Media Holdings CEO Brian Tierney apparently signed away the rights to his own last name […]