NAACP Suspends Philly Chapter Officers

Philadelphia NAACP President Jerry Mondesire and three other officers were formally suspended by the national organization.

The Philadelphia Tribune’s Johann Calhoun reports the national office of the NAACP has suspended four officers involved in a dispute over money. The NAACP suspended local chapter president Jerome “Jerry” Mondesire, Donald “Ducky” Birts, the Rev. Elisha Morris and Sid Booker. You have to enjoy a scandal that includes a guy with the nickname “Ducky.”

At issue: Birts, Morris and Booker — longtime Mondesire pals who were below him in the local chapter’s hierarchy — didn’t like the way Mondesire managed a certain amount of money. (In the Daily News earlier this week, Stu Bykofsky wrote that the NAACP’s financial situation is “precarious.”) After the three look leaves of absence, Mondesire fired them.

The situation has since turned personal. The Tribune prints some nasty quotes between the parties, including:

  • Ducky Birts: “I’m a front stabber not a back stabber…. Mr. Mondesire was treating us like his peons.”
  • Jerry Mondesire: “This is petty revenge because they have been dismissed for their incompetence and self-aggrandizement.”
  • Sid Booker: “Jerry is intimidating, and has everyone scared.”

According to the letters received by the four, they have 15 days to request a hearing.

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