Let’s All Come Up With a Symbol for the PR Man Formerly Known as Brian Tierney

Back in 1998, local PR maven and future former Philadelphia Media Holdings CEO Brian Tierney apparently signed away the rights to his own last name when he sold Tierney Communications to another firm. So, you’d think that calling his new PR company after his first name would be fine then, right? Not according to a Common Pleas suit filed this week, in which Tierney-the-Firm accuses Tierney-the-Dude of violating their agreement by referring to Brian Communication Group as “A Brian Tierney Company” in not so small print.

But the solution here is obvious: Like Prince before him, TtD has already transcended the need for a human name anyway. What he needs now is a symbol that represents all that is right and good about him and his chosen field. Tweet your submissions to @phillymag.