70-Year-Old Ron Perlman Says 96 Year-Old Ray Perelman “Still Has His Eye on Pretty Girls”

Philly industrialist/family-feuding scion Ron Perelman, 70, sat down for a $210, 90-minute lunch with the Financial Times recently. Here are the best tid-bits from the interview with the 26th-richest man in the world.

  • This is how he describes his 96-year-old father Raymond: He “works every day and still has his eye on pretty girls.”
  • He still uses an “old Nokia telephone” and neither e-mails, texts, nor uses a computer at all.
  • He “does not regret any of his marriages,” despite the last four reportedly costing him $138 million. His fifth, to a psychiatrist, appears to have given him a little peace of mind.
  • He “is always a light eater,” according to the waiter at Italian restaurant Marea, on Central Park South.
  • He was wearing a Penn baseball cap to cover his gleaming bald dome when he left the interview to hang out on his yacht.