Kobe Bryant and His Mom Are Fighting Over His Lower Merion Jerseys

Kobe Bryant’s mom wants to sell off a big collection of her son’s old jerseys so she can buy herself a new home in Nevada. Kobe wants to keep the memorabilia for himself. And so they find themselves sparring in federal court in Camden. Pamela Bryant, you see, says her son gave her the items once, and now wants to sell them to a collectibles company, which would subsequently auction them off. (The West Berlin-based Goldin Auctions has already advanced her $450,000.) Kobe says it’s his property and he doesn’t want his maroon Lower Merion “33” on the back of some punk. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for the two to settle this thing in a therapist’s office, rather than a courtroom. But that’s not really the Mamba’s style. [Courier-Post]