John Bolaris Feud Alert: Texts Fly After Man Says His Daughter Resembles “Anteater”

Former meteorologist and feud enthusiast John Bolaris, who may or may not be decamping for New York City, has gotten into another instant-classic spat. This one’s between him and Lenny Dystra’s ex-business manager, Dan Herman, and it has something to do with compensation for the narration of a documentary about a 1982 boxing match. But the tipping point of the fight–which took place via text message–occurred when Herman said Bolaris’s nine-year-old daughter looked like an “anteater.” (Herman said it was a joke about the public television character Arthur, who, ahem, happens to be an aardvark.)

“If you mention my daughter again, I will personally kick your loser ass,” Bolaris texted, claiming that Herman continued to antagonize him.

Bolaris texted back to Herman, “I don’t know when or where but I will see you and you won’t even see it coming when I snap your neck !! Now lose my number.”

So, according to the Daily News, Herman went to the cops and has now lodged a criminal complaint against Bolaris. [Daily News]