Penn Medicine Begins “Life-Changing” Uterine Transplant Program

Historically, there’s been no treatment available for women living with nonfunctioning uteruses, but in recent years, physicians have made breakthroughs with uterine transplants. And this […]

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Q&A: Talking Infertility and Art With Fertility Acupuncturist Steve Mavros

Infertility is a pretty heavy subject, and heavy topics tend to get the hush-hush treatment when it comes to talking about them. But there’s one […]

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“It Took Me Two Years to Get Pregnant”

Oh, hi Internet! It’s good to see you again. It’s been a few months since I’ve been around these parts, and it feels good — […]

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Free Egg-Freezing Cocktail Parties Coming Up at Pub & Kitchen

Talk about your eggs and ovaries isn’t typically considered appropriate cocktail conversation, but in this case, go for it: On July 21st and and September […]

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Which Matters More to Donor-Egg Recipients: Looks or IQ?

So you’re going shopping for a donor egg. What traits of the donor would be most important to you? A new study in the Journal […]


The Future of IVF: Designer Babies and Ultimate Soldiers

When Edward Snowden alerted the world to the United States government’s massive PRISM surveillance program, the subsequent ride up the bestseller lists for George Orwell’s […]

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Want a Baby? Stay Away From the Internet

Quick: When should you have sex if you’re trying to get pregnant? Feel pretty sure about that answer? So did the 204 “infertile” women in […]

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The Checkup: Male Birth Control Pill May Be Possible

•  Don’t go running off to the doctor just yet, but here’s some (awesome? interesting? crazy?) news: Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Baylor […]


Adoption Success Stories

HelpUsAdopt.orh helps two same-sex couples adopt children.

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Diary of a Marriage: Thank You For Caring About My Eggs

My ophthalmologist’s daughter is having a baby. I know this because he told me so, as he peered into my cornea while wearing a weird […]