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PA Governors Spend Millions on Private Law Firms

Harrisburg’s ABC27 reports that Pennsylvania’s governors — including, but not limited to, Tom Corbett — have spent millions of dollars handing state cases to outside […]

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Rendell: Democrats Can Still Lose Gov’s Race

Sure, Gov. Tom Corbett’s poll numbers are mired well south of the Mendoza Line. And sure, this seems like the year for a Democrat—any Democrat—to […]

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Ed Rendell: Build This Futuristic Magnetic Levitation Train!

Do you like trains? Do you like the future? Then, boy, does Ed Rendell have an idea you’ll love: Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell on […]

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Former Fumo Aide Faces Congressional Scrutiny

The former Vince Fumo aide who reportedly spied on Ed Rendell for the now-disgraced senator is coming under Congressional scrutiny. Christian Marrone now serves as […]

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Philly’s LGBT Senior Housing Center, the John C. Anderson Apartments, Gets Opening Ceremony Treatment

Tenants began moving into the John C. Anderson Apartments in mid-January, but Philly’s only housing center for LGBT seniors got official opening-ceremony treatment this morning. […]

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Dispatch: Most Rendell-ian Moments From Ed Bacon Awards

Last night former Philadelphia Mayor, Pennsylvania Governor, Democratic Party Chair and current Eagles color commentator Ed Rendell received the Edmund N. Bacon Prize, which “is […]

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Report: Fumo Aide Spied on Ed Rendell

The conservative Washington Times has a report today about Christian Marrone, a former aide to legendary (and disgraced) former State Sen. Vince Fumo. Marrone now […]

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Pennsylvania Politics 2014: The 4 Stories We’ll All Be Following

2014 will be a huge year in Pennsylvania politics — and particularly Philly area politics — with contested house seats, jockeying for position in a […]

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Read Ed Rendell’s Favorite 5th Grade Essay of the Year

This year, the Rendell Center for Citizenship and Civics at Arcadia University, (who knew?) asked a bunch of fifth-grade classes in the areaBet to answer […]

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PHOTOS: Ed Rendell Honored at Philadelphia FIGHT Gala

G Philly pal — and Philly Mag society photographer — HughE Dillon sent along some photos of Wednesday night’s FIGHT for Life Gala. The event, […]

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TONIGHT: Ed Rendell to be Honored at Philadelphia Fight Fundraising Gala

Former Governor Ed Rendell will be the guest of honor tonight at Philadelphia FIGHT‘s 2013 FIGHT for Life Gala for his long-term commitment to the […]

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Rendell Takes a Ride on the Bullet Train

We’ve already told you about Ed Rendell’s support for a maglev “bullet train” for the Northeast Corridor, kind of like the ones they use in […]

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Ed Rendell Backing 300mph Bullet Train

Transportation fetishist Ed Rendell, no surprise, is backing a plan to bring an ultra-fast Japan-style magnetic levitation bullet train to the northeast corridor.

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Rendell Would Consider Leading School Reform Commission

Yesterday, state rep. Mark Cohen sent a letter to the mayor and the governor asking that Ed Rendell be considered to replace Pedro Ramos as […]

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Chris Matthews on Ed Rendell: “My Favorite”

At a  party in New York for his new book, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked, MSNBC Hardballer, Philly native (and Philadelphia magazine ThinkFest keynoter) Chris […]