Ed Rendell: Build This Futuristic Magnetic Levitation Train!

The ex-Philadelphia mayor is stumping for a maglev train that would go from Philly to New York in 25 minutes.

"But Market East's still all cracked and broken!" "Sorry, mom, the mob has spoken!"

“But Market East’s still all cracked and broken!” “Sorry, mom, the mob has spoken!”

Do you like trains? Do you like the future? Then, boy, does Ed Rendell have an idea you’ll love:

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell on Tuesday hosted a pitch for a super-high-speed, magnetically levitated train that could whisk riders from Philadelphia to New York City in 25 minutes and to Washington in 30.

Rendell and other ex-politicians, public officials, and business executives have been hired to raise support for a Japanese-financed maglev train on the Northeast Corridor, operating between Washington and New York.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t at this press conference — on the 45th floor of the Comcast Center — because I would have been in the back shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” the whole time. It’s not that this idea is ever going to happen; it’s quite fanciful. It would cost $100 billion, it’s more sensible to use already existing tracks, et cetera. But it’s a train that levitates due to magnets. It’s the coolest thing.

The only existing maglev trains are short lines in Asia. But, darn, if Ed Rendell hasn’t convinced me. It’s more realistic than the Hyperloop, yet it’s received a fraction of the attention. Maybe we can try these maglev trains in Ogdenville, North Haverbrook and Brockway first.

Photoshop idea from Curtis Welsh