Rendell Would Consider Leading School Reform Commission

But not mayor? C'mon, man!


Yesterday, state rep. Mark Cohen sent a letter to the mayor and the governor asking that Ed Rendell be considered to replace Pedro Ramos as the head of the School Reform Commission. Inquirer education reporter Kristen Graham thinks the chances of that are “nonexistent,” but Rendell himself seems surprisingly open to the idea.

“I care very much about it,” he told NBC 10. “I don’t know if my travel schedule would make this realistic. Certainly if Gov. Corbett wanted to talk to me about it and Mayor Nutter, I would certainly discuss it with them.”

Recall, this is a guy who said he didn’t want to be a 70-year-old guy “fixing potholes.” But he’ll consider trying to lift the schools out of a fiscal crater sitting in the middle of a political minefield? Maybe Graham’s right, and he’s just blowing smoke, knowing he’s not a serious candidate for the job. Not only is this Corbett’s call, but it would mean Rendell would be working for his Republican successor.

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