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Rendell Attacks Congressional “SOBs” in Wake of Amtrak Derailment

Ed Rendell has spent a good chunk of his post-governor years trying to build a case for increased infrastructure spending across the United States, so […]

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Silicon Valley Actor Zach Woods Incoherently Bashes Philadelphia

So, some guy from Bucks County made a lame Philadelphia-themed joke about … you guessed it, sports fans and Santa Claus! … on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast this […]


9 Unbelievably True Tales of Philadelphia Mayors

The Philadelphia mayor’s race is in full swing — and something’s missing. It’s not as wild as the last time Philadelphia had a competitive Democratic […]

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Former Ed Rendell Aide Joins Kathleen Kane’s Office

Kathleen Kane’s tenure the attorney general has become — let’s not kid ourselves — so disastrous that the arrival of Chuck Ardo as her new spokesman feels […]

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Ed Rendell Endorses Out Candidate for City Council

Yesterday, at a press conference at Reading Terminal Market, former Governor Ed Rendell announced his official endorsement for out City Council candidate Paul Steinke. His […]


The Brief: Ed Rendell Endorses Candidate for … Council?

1. Ed Rendell Throws His Weight Behind Council Contender Paul Steinke The Gist: Former Gov. and Mayor Ed Rendell is backing Democrat Paul Steinke, a past general manager […]

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Blingo at the Rittenhouse Hotel

Saturday night the Rittenhouse Hotel was the scene of a lively bingo game — except that the guests were not the blue-haired ladies  I’m used […]


The Brief: Ed Rendell “Not Likely” to Endorse a Mayoral Candidate

Former Gov. Ed Rendell said Tuesday he is “not likely” to endorse a mayoral candidate in the May 19th primary. He also announced yesterday that the Rendell Center for Civics & […]

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Rendell Says He Didn’t Ask for Favors

Ed Rendell has denied seeking special favors from a Homeland Security official who sped up visa applications for clients of Rendell and other well-connected politicians, […]

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Historic Philadelphia Honors Ed Rendell, Gerry Lenfest and Karen Butler

Last Wednesday, Historic Philadelphia Inc honored Governor Ed Rendell, Gerry Lenfest, Karen Butler, the William Penn Foundation and PECO. The evening convened at the Historic Philadelphia Center […]

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How Ed Rendell Would Fix Ferguson

Been wondering how Ed Rendell would fix Ferguson? It may not surprise you that the former mayor/former governor has a few ideas how to do […]

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WATCH: John Oliver Talks About Philly’s Crumbling Infrastructure

We missed this earlier in the week, but it’s worth revisiting — John Oliver’s rant about the state of American infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) features […]

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WATCH: John Oliver on Infrastructure, Featuring Ed Rendell

Posts about John Oliver ethering someone have become an Internet tradition, but please forgive us this week: Last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight featured […]


The Brief: Doug Oliver Doubles Down on Being Vague

Last night, I interviewed long-shot mayoral candidate Doug Oliver at Venturef0rth as part of Citified’s new Candidate Conversations series. Going into the Q&A, my big question was: […]


Could Ed Rendell Endorse Long-Shot Candidate Doug Oliver for Mayor?

[Curious about Doug Oliver? Register to attend one of Philly mag’s forthcoming Q&As with the mayoral candidates at this link. On Monday, Feb. 23, Citified’s […]