How Ed Rendell Would Fix Ferguson

Jobs and meetings. Lots and lots of meetings.

Been wondering how Ed Rendell would fix Ferguson? It may not surprise you that the former mayor/former governor has a few ideas how to do so — and shared them this week with USA Today.

“What would I do if I was mayor of Ferguson?

“First, reach out to community leaders in private — no press. Meet with civic associations, clerical leaders, people like that.

“Second, I’d add African Americans to my administration — competent people, not just because they’re African American.

“Third, I’d form an advisory committee on community relations, with people of all colors. They’d meet every two weeks, have an agenda, hear any gripes. And the mayor has to sit there throughout every meeting.

“You have to tell ’em what you’re going to do, then you have to do it.”

Of course, Ferguson — despite its recent troubles and accompanying spotlight — is home to just 21,000 people. It might not be a big enough stage for somebody like Rendell.