Rendell: Democrats Can Still Lose Gov’s Race

Urges party to focus on pocketbook issues.

Sure, Gov. Tom Corbett’s poll numbers are mired well south of the Mendoza Line. And sure, this seems like the year for a Democrat—any Democrat—to challenge Corbett for his seat and win.

Not so fast, says former Gov. Ed Rendell. Democrats can still lose this thing, he says.

PennLive reports:

Speaking to a gathering of college Democrats on the campus of Temple University, the former two-term governor said incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett may look vulnerable in the polls, “but I have news for you, this is a race we can lose,” despite those abysmal approval ratings, Rendell said.

Corbett can leverage the strength of his office by rolling out new programs and announcing new grant programs. He’ll also have tens of millions of dollars at his disposal. He’ll also have national trends, showing voter disaffection with Democrats and President Barack Obama, on his side.

To win, he says, Dems need to reach out to 600,000 or so Pennsylvanians who would’ve been covered Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion — an expansion Corbett refused to implement here. Democrats also need to take their case to minimum-wage earners and long-term unemployed persons who would gain from Democratic policies. “We need to find them and their families and tell that can be changed,” he said, “if we get some more Democrats in Congress.”