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university of pennsylvania students who are trying to start a UPenn hunting club
City Life

These Penn Students Say the University Is Thwarting Their Efforts to Start a Hunting Club

After you pay your tens of thousands of dollars in tuition at the University of Pennsylvania, you are eligible to sign up for all sorts […]


Urban Outfitters Is in Hot Water for Offending Hindus — Again

  Urban Outfitters is in the headlines again, this time for offending Hindus by selling a ceramic jewelry stand in the shape of a Hindu goddess. As the Philadelphia […]

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New Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell Comedy Gets Awkward Premiere at SXSW

As reported by Amy Kaufman in the L.A. Times, Kevin Hart’s newest comedy, Get Hard, co-starring Will Farrell, made its world-premiere Monday night at Austin’s […]

City Life

Will Cutn Paste Go Ahead With Its Azealia Banks Tribute After Singer’s Anti-Gay Remarks?

The Internet has been abuzz this week after several blogs reported on a debate between Azealia Banks and Vice columnist Mitch Sunderland over the use of the word “faggot,” which she has […]


Urban Outfitters Offends More People With Racist Holiday Party

Just when you think, okay, they’ve finally learned their lesson, after the Kent State sweatshirt debacle, and the prescription bottle shot glass, and that ‘Depression’ tee, the corporate […]


Market Report: Fashion Controversy—Would You Call a Size 10 “Plus Size”?

The latest fashion move to stir up controversy: Calvin Klein used a “plus-size” model in its latest ad campaign. What people are having trouble swallowing: She’s only […]


Market Report: H&M Blasted For Jumpsuits Resembling Female Kurdish Military Uniforms

H&M is in hot water after complaints that its latest olive green jumpsuit takes a bit too much inspiration from uniforms worn by Kurdish female soldiers […]

City Life

How To Effectively Use Profanity In The Workplace

Mayor Nutter has come under some heat this past week over the more-than-liberal use of profanity during the recent Fourth of July concert on the Parkway. […]

City Life

Grantland’s Triple Bogey: How Grantland Botched More Than Trans Politics in the Dr. V Controversy

FOR THOSE OF you not familiar with the Grantland Dr. V controversy, here’s a brief recap: Caleb Hannan, a journalist writing for the sports and pop […]