Urban Outfitters Offends More People With Racist Holiday Party

Lesson = not learned.

Just when you think, okay, they’ve finally learned their lesson, after the Kent State sweatshirt debacle, and the prescription bottle shot glass, and that ‘Depression’ tee, the corporate office throws a holiday party and invites staffers to wear, in no particular order: turbans, saris, kurtas, juttis and harem pants. Sigh.

Gawker has the internal flier that was sent around. Here’s the thing: It could be construed as a company simply inviting staffers to wear their traditional cultural clothing, a celebration of fashion and an ethnically heterogenous staff. But coming from a corporation with a history of being racially—and socially—tone-deaf, and focusing on a poorly conceived Indian theme, it comes off as glib and offensive.

In any case, Urban HR department: Better think twice—and then stop and think again—before sending a company-wide email. It will get out, and 10 times out of 10, people will be offended. And while you’re at it, fix your stupid fonts.