No “Depression”: Urban Outfitters Tosses Tee

Where's the line between sensitive and over-sensitive?

Don’t expect to see the shirt on the left in an Urban Outfitters anytime soon:

Philadelphia Business Journal reports:

Many on Twitter compared the “Depression” T-shirt to an Urban Outfitters women’s T-shirt that said simply “Eat Less.” That too was pulled from the shelves a while back.

“Hey everyone, we hear you and we are taking the shirt down from the site,” the Philadelphia-based global retailer said on Twitter on Sunday. It later tweeted: “For those asking, the tee was designed by a small brand named Depression.”

That leads us to the brand’s website, which declares its philosophy thus: “Because living life the conventional way is depressing.” The website later adds: “DEPRESSION represents breaking from boredom, making a statement and standing out, and aims to meet the needs, occasions and aspirations of the Creative professional.”

So there’s depression and then there’s Depression. Dunno. One always wants to be sensitive toward the mentally ill, full stop. Yet it seems like these folks were using the term in a colloquial, every-day, non-diagnostic use. Where’s the line between sensitive and over-sensitive?