Conspiracy Theories


There Are Perfectly Logical Reasons Why That Voting Machine Won’t Take a Bernie Sanders Vote

There’s a video making the rounds on social media right now that purports to show a Pennsylvania voting machine that refuses to take a vote […]


One Bizarre Theory About Shane Montgomery’s Disappearance

UPDATE: The sad news came over the weekend that Shane Montgomery’s body had been found in the Schuylkill river. ORIGINAL: “Saw your post check this […]

JFK Conspiracy Theorist Vince Salandria photographed on January 29, 2014

Vince Salandria: The JFK Conspiracy Theorist

THREE YEARS AGO, Vince Salandria got a phone call from Arlen Specter, a man he didn’t know. Salandria had been in the Senator’s company only […]


Someone Wake Me When the JFK Assassination Anniversary Is Over

Every year, on November 22nd, I break out my trusty cone of silence to avoid the ridiculous overhyping of the JFK assassination anniversary. But this […]

Contrail Shadows

Can HAARP, Chemtrails or Cecily Tynan Explain Those Giant Streaks in Philly Sky?

On Monday afternoon, I was doing some reporting in West Philadelphia when I noticed this pair of huge streaks stretched across the sky. And as […]


A Year Ago Today, Arlen Specter Died

How time can overshadow just about any legacy. Today, at least among the young, the late Sen. Arlen Specter was known for his failed reelection […]


Did H&M Hide Plus-Size Swimsuit Model Jennie?

H&M is a retail giant. No, more like retail Goliath. A Swedish company, it operates more than 2,600 stores in 43 countries, employs more than […]


Among Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theorists, Who Had Chechnya?

After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, it took me about three days to find my first full-blown conspiracy theory about the specifics surrounding the event […]


“Super Moon” to Loom Over Philadelphia Soon

Come May 5th, we’re all going to get to experience what’s been dubbed a “super moon.”


WikiLeaks: Osama Bin Laden’s Body Was Brought to Delaware, Not Buried at Sea

We here at the Philly Post love a good conspiracy theory. After all, Philadelphia is home to one of the greatest conspiracy theories of all […]


The Republicans Are Hiding a Presidential Candidate in the Attic

After tens of millions of dollars spent and nine primaries and caucuses, the Republicans are no closer to settling on a candidate than when this […]


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ben Franklin

Today is the 306th birthday of the most popular man in Philadelphia history: Ben Franklin. And while everyone’s heard about the kite experiment and bifocals, […]


Pat Buchanan Says the Wackiest Things

Pat Buchanan has been suspended from MSNBC since October. Apparently, someone at the network turned off the TV and picked up a book, namely Buchanan’s […]


PATCO: Photographers Are Probably Not Terrorists

In the post-9/11 world we live in, it’s become common for authorities to view folks taking lots of pictures of trains, bridges and tunnels as […]


UPDATED Staphmeal: Mayor Nutter’s “Possible Mistress”

Remember Staphmeal? It’s that blog that emerged last year, saying all sorts of nasty things about folks like Georges Perrier and Shola Olunloyo before Georges […]