Can HAARP, Chemtrails or Cecily Tynan Explain Those Giant Streaks in Philly Sky?

The theories behind Monday's strange sightings.

On Monday afternoon, I was doing some reporting in West Philadelphia when I noticed this pair of huge streaks stretched across the sky. And as soon as I posted about it, the conspiracy theories, practical explanations, silly observations and wild guesses started rolling in. Was this some secret government activity? Alien invaders? Something even worse?

1. Geo-engineered Clouds?

2. Is Veterans Day to Blame? Wonders Cecily Tynan

3. Contrail Shadows?

4. Santa Is Totally Plausible

5. Or Angels Sledding…

6. The Ominous-Sounding Chemtrails

(Really geo-engineered clouds but under a better name)

7. Back to the Future Comes to Life

8. Anticrepuscular Rays

Seems too simple.


It stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, but it’s best that I just let nutcase Jesse Ventura explain it to you:

10. Photoshop


Well, these reader-submitted photos seem to show what the big blue streaks are: shadows. But shadows of what, Mr. Ventura?