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This Is Why Your Trash Hasn’t Been Picked Up

On Tuesday, Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo noted his trash hadn’t been picked up in awhile, and made a dire threat/promise to dump his garbage on […]


The Sad Grotesquerie of “People of SEPTA”

Guilt. And contempt. Those are the two feelings that competed for my attention on Tuesday upon finding out the “SEPTA Mom” — she of the […]


Dear Streets Department: Please Pick Up the Freaking Trash

This is my trash. It is sitting on my curb in Philadelphia. It has been sitting there since 6:45 a.m. on Monday morning, when I […]


Can Philly Afford its Fight Against Gentrification?

One of the cruel things about gentrification is that it can be like wanting someone who doesn’t want you back. Those who face the impact […]


The Word “Hipster” Is So Over

A few years ago, I told someone I lived on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown. Their response was to grill me on the status of then […]


Is Philly Still a Wawa Town?

A confession: One small matter that has kept me from feeling like a complete and true Philadelphian is that I have no loyalty — none […]


On Spike Lee’s Gentrification Speech, or Why Won’t They Build a Fancy New Grocery Store in Mantua?

There has been considerable ink dedicated to chronicling the ongoing battle between culture and capital as Brooklyn becomes the epicenter of hipster chic.  Of all […]


Are My Savesies Chairs Nice Enough?

I’m not going to name the town where I live. Go ahead and feel superior if you like — if you and all your kumbaya […]

Michael Nutter

City Agrees to Sell PGW for $1.86 Billion

On Monday morning, the Nutter Administration officially announced what had been floated last week: Connecticut firm UIL Holdings Corporation has been selected as the buyer […]


Top Five City Lists We’re Happy Philly Didn’t Make

Philly doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to negligibly constructed rankings of American towns. For three consecutive years, we came up dead […]


HuffPo Has 31 Reasons Philly “Is The Most Underrated City in America”

Huffington Post has listed 31 reasons Philly is the “most underrated city in America.” We won’t steal their thunder—go read the piece—but here are our […]


Who Put Up Those Strange Gary Barbera “Man of the Year” Billboards?

At some point in the last month or so, a series of billboards went up in and around Philadelphia, proclaiming Gary Barbera “Man of the […]


In Philly, in the Dead of Winter, Men Will Still Catcall You

When I first moved to Philadelphia, I was 22, completely naïve and a bit stupid. I had spent three years of my life living in […]


Meet Philly’s New Superhero: “Wiz Wit”

Well, this is lame. All the other cities get monsters and hairy mean things, we got a guy with a broken mop and a cheesesteak […]


These 5 Charts Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Philly’s Shrinking Middle Class

The indispensable PEW Charitable Trusts have released a big report on the decline of the middle class in Philadelphia. Here are five charts to help […]