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City Life

7 Classic Candies That Got Their Start Right Here in Philly

For a straitlaced Quaker metropolis, Philly has always had a sweet tooth. And we’re all supposed to be shopping local (or at least formerly local) […]

candytopia philadelphia
City Life

Jump Into a Giant Marshmallow Pit at This Candy Pop-Up Exhibit

When Sir Thomas More published his book Utopia in 1516, outlining his vision of a — wait for it — utopia, it’s safe to say he didn’t […]

City Life

A Definitive Ranking of the Best Halloween Candies, According to a 12-Year-Old

Last night, my kids went trick-or-treating in West Philly and Narberth. When I woke up this morning, my son had all of his candy sorted […]


The List: Candy Land

There was a time when Philadelphia was the king of confectionery cities. And while we may have fallen slightly from those halcyon days, this is […]

City Life

That Kennett Square ‘Needles in Candy’ Story Wasn’t Real

Authorities in Chester County announced today that reports of needles found in Halloween candy in the borough were “unfounded.” In a statement, Chester County Detectives […]

nutter avi property tax
City Life

Candy Factory Owner: Mayor Nutter Ruins Easter for Philadelphia’s Children

The City of Philadelphia shut down Blasius Chocolate Factory on Wednesday over a tax dispute. The 88-year-old candy company’s owner, Philip Kerwick, says he has […]


The Gingerbread Mansions of Fairmount Park

From now till November 22nd, thirteen gingerbread houses representing mansions of Fairmount Park will be on display at the Shops at Liberty Place. All thirteen […]

City Life

RIP Carl Goldenberg, Peanut Chew Mogul

Carl Goldenberg, who headed the family that made Goldenberg Peanut Chews, has died at age 85.


Philly and the Chocolate Factory

In an era when big-box megastores are calling the candy shots, Philly’s renegade chocolatiers are intent on doing it their way. Sweet. When the Berley […]


Shane’s Confectionery Nears Finish Line

Shane’s Confectionery has been closed for almost two years as the Berley Brothers (Franklin Fountain) have painstakingly refurbished the candy shop that predates the Civil […]