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These 6 Trends Will Define Philadelphia Weddings in 2023

With the 2023 wedding season right around the corner, everyone is looking for unique, new ways to spice up their wedding. After all, the last thing anyone wants their special day to be is drab, boring, and not all that special. So, to assist you in your brainstorming process, we asked Ross Wilner, general manager and food and beverage director at Talamore Country Club, for his insight into the most exciting trends that will make weddings feel fresh and memorable next year.

Making Your Entrance Pop

“Wow” your guests as they enter your ceremony with a Champagne wall! Champagne walls have been growing in popularity for this upcoming wedding season and don’t show any signs of slowing down. 

Much more than a champagne or beverage station, this unique piece makes an impressive statement,” Wilner says, “and when placed to welcome guests before the ceremony, serves as a promise of more unique surprises to come throughout the event.”

When done correctly, it can provide entertainment for the entire night as well. Guests will gravitate to the wall as a conversation starter and photo backdrop. If you’re looking to start your ceremony with a bang, this may be a trend you want to hop onto.

Mixing Up the Playlist

We all know the traditional, classical music that typically accompanies a wedding ceremony, but the Pachelbel Canon in D or Jeremiah Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary can be, well, a little overplayed for music lovers. That may be why many couples have been requesting contemporary music for 2023. 

“Today’s duos are also selecting music that has special meaning to them to begin their wedding ceremony, making the first glimpse of the bride and the opening music even more memorable,” Wilner says. 

Couples have been opting for their favorite songs to play during their first dance. Which makes sense–details like this are what make a wedding personal and memorable. 

Fascinating Photo Shoots

Instagram is everything nowadays, which makes wedding photos–already the most important of all photos–a very high stakes game. That may be why some couples are adding variety to their wedding photos with a multi-location photoshoot. It can be difficult to get family and the wedding party from destination to destination, but the outcome is worth it. Due to the popularity of the trend, Talamore Country Club has created an easier way to transport everyone. 

“To speed up the photo shoot process and transport the wedding party and family members to the best locations on the venue’s property, 2023 introduces Wedding Wheels,” Wilner says, referring to a 6-passenger golf cart that makes the photoshoot process painless as the bride traverses the club’s grounds. In order to get the best angles possible, it’s definitely worth it. 

Very Special Special Effects

Dramatic dance floor lighting continues to be key for ’23, so deck out your dance floor with dramatic lighting! Create a memory that you and your guests will never forget with special effects during your reception. 

Add a thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising and you have the ‘Dancing on a Cloud’ effect. There’s no better way to create a completely romantic and magical atmosphere for the couple’s first dance,” Wilner told us. 

Though it is not the traditional way of doing things, it is a trend that is increasing in popularity for 2023, and will make sure your guests feel almost as thrilled about your big day as you do. 

Everyone’s Nuts for Donuts

Everyone is used to indulging in wedding cake and cupcakes after a ceremony. However, many couples have chosen to include less formal and more creative sweets for their guests to enjoy as the reception comes to a close. 

“Gone are the old-time petit fours and in comes the amazingly popular, sticky, and colorful wall of gooey donuts,” Wilner says. 

Donuts are an eye catching and fun choice for your wedding, and in a city that excels at them, there are plenty of gourmet local options to choose from. For your guests with a sweet tooth, this will be the perfect touch to an already amazing experience. 

It’s All About Comfort

Formal reception foods are still the norm, but couples have been adding some of their own choice of foods to the mix. For example, at Talamore, cocktail offerings now include Philly cheesesteak tarts, BBQ pulled pork sliders, mac ‘n cheese, and pigs-in-a-blanket. Comfort food can also make for inspired food stations, from a cheesesteak bar to a french fry bar to a tater tot bar. For those looking to incorporate even more sweet options in their reception, add a s’mores bar or a waffle station with a variety of sweet toppings–both are consistent crowd-pleasers. 

“Late night additions are definitely on trend for 2023,” Wilner says. “After hours of celebration, there’s nothing more requested than a few more comfort food nibbles before the guests’ trip to their home or hotel.” 

Ultimately, no matter which trendy option you choose, the most important thing is that it fits your personality. Make sure to choose the right vendors and the right venue that enable you to build the wedding of your dreams.