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Thinking of Installing Your Own Ceramic Tile? #Fail

In the age of Pinterest and YouTube, Do It Yourself, or “DIY,” has become all the rage with people trying to tackle home improvement projects on their own. Doing renovations by yourself can be personally rewarding, as well as cost effective. Sure, painting a bedroom or installing new fixtures are a breeze. But certain projects, like installing ceramic tiles, are better left to the professionals!

Small Mistakes = Big Problems!

When you’re working with tile, the difference between the right measurement, and a nearly right measurement, is the difference between lightning, and a lightning bug! If your measurements are off by a fraction of an inch, the pattern of the floor can be completely thrown off. If you don’t have the tiles fitted properly, liquids will leak through eventually causing the tiles to crack and break. These small mistakes quickly become big problems, so don’t make the tile an eyesore by trying to do it on your own. A professional will get the exact measurements you need to ensure it all lines up perfectly.

Times Have Changed, and so Have Installation Methods

There are innovative new styles, textures, shapes and patterns that require specific installation methods. Do you know which technique to use to prep the subfloor? Will you use the mud set, or thin set method to install the tile? So many decisions! And it’s not just the methods that have changed, there are new materials too. Mortar, sanded and un-sanded grout, substrates, transition materials—it’s enough to make your head spin! Once you think through the entire process, you’ll realize this is no job for an amateur. But a professional installer will know exactly what to use and how to use it.

Your Time is Valuable

Between work, social obligations, and running the kids around, life is hectic enough. Do you really want to add a major project on your to-do list? Say goodbye to your weekends! Costs can balloon, your time will disappear, and you’ll wind up paying more to have it fixed than you would have getting it done right the first time.

The professionals at Avalon Flooring have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Their professional installation team knows the latest techniques and the best materials for each job. They’ll work with you to get your ceramic tile done on a budget that works for you. And, you’ll have peace of mind with their 12-year installation warranty. From a backsplash in your kitchen, to a beautiful new floor in your bathroom, Avalon Flooring is here to provide you with the materials you need, and an installation job you’ll love. Spare yourself the headache, and hire a craftsman to do the job right!