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Something New: These Pastry Chefs Will Live-Decorate Your Wedding Cake at Your Reception

Decorating a wedding cake is akin to creating an edible work of art, a masterpiece of sugar, fondant and creative prowess.

Unfortunately, this artistry usually goes on behind the scenes with pastry chefs toiling away at stunning confections inside their respective kitchens. In fact, the bride, groom and their guests often don’t see the cake up-close until it is time to cut it.

So why not make decorating the cake part of the fun? Think of it as live, visual art for your wedding reception.

The concept was whipped up in the cake studio of Cescaphe Event Group, which operates five ultra-glam venues in Philly: the Atrium at Curtis, Cescaphe Ballroom, the Down Town Club, Tendenza and Vie, and will soon take over the Water Works!

On the big day, Executive Cake Designer Jen Roach and her team carefully carry the cake into the reception area, where it’s in full view of the guests. The cake is covered with a perfectly smooth coating of frosting but the swirls, stripes and botanicals have yet to be applied. At this point, it’s a blank canvas rife with potential.

Clad in their baker’s aprons and chef coats, the team gets to work, decorating the cake in full view of the wedding reception attendees. However, only the cake artists, bride and groom know how the creation will turn out (see the transformation in action here!).

It’s precise, exacting work creating beads, swags, scrolls and flowers on the cake. It’s a delicious opportunity to make a personal statement. In full view, the team artfully frosts monograms, cascades of swirls, strings of pearls, edible gold leaf and even appliqued animal prints.

Of course, guests are fascinated by the process, and brides and grooms enjoy sharing this slice of wedding tradition with friends and family.

Knowing the care, creativity and expertise that goes into a beautiful wedding makes the big day even more special. It’s quite literally the icing on the cake!

For more information about scheduling live cake art by Cescaphe Event Group for your big day, click here.