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Custom Floral Backdrops Make for Whimsical Wedding Photos

We’ve all seen the step and repeat walls at the end of the red carpet, the place where celebrities pause to snap a picture in front of a signature backdrop, then glide on to pose for the next paparazzo.

So why shouldn’t brides and grooms—celebs for the day—provide a similar photo op to be enjoyed by themselves, the wedding party and their guests?

But instead of the vinyl promotional banners found in Tinsel Town, say it with flowers. Specifically, make a statement with a floral wall.

Cescaphe Event Group, one of Philadelphia’s hottest wedding brands, offers celebrants a fresh bridal interpretation of the Hollywood concept. It’s called the Floral Wall.

The floral wall is blooming with abundant design possibilities. It’s a multi-purpose, multi-faceted structural unit, a movable wall covered with greenery with columns that look like hedges. The long, removable cornice that rests on top of the columns is equipped with lighting and can be decorated to look like an ultra-chic window box brimming with blossoms.

In one popular interpretation, gilded picture frames embellished with flowers are mounted on the wall.  It’s a fresh and memorable backdrop for casual pictures of guests dressed up for the big day.

No two brides are the same. And that, too, goes for the floral wall. Gild the lily with an opulent display that matches the blooms in the bride’s bouquet. Go retro with a 1960s theme (think big, bold blossoms in bright orange and hot pink). Or better yet, let the experts at Cescaphe Event Group and Beautiful Blooms manage the design.

The floral wall can be customized to suit the event. It is portable and the components can readily be disassembled or modified so it can be used at several stages of the event. By bolstering the top, the wall becomes a verdant chuppah. By adding legs it can be modified to serve as a picturesque niche for the bridal party’s dining table. The floral wall can even serve as a gorgeous showcase for the band.

Put simply, it’s a fresh spin on typical floral arrangements that’s adaptable, show-stopping, and not to mention, Instagram-worthy. (Better start thinking about your wedding hashtag!)

For more information about arranging a floral wall by Cescaphe Event Group for your big day, click here.