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Real Philly Deli Refresh: Here’s the 411 on the Top Four

The competition between the top four finalists in Dietz & Watson’s Real Philly Deli Faceoff is heating up and Dietz needs your help, hoagie lovers. There’s only one more week to vote! With all of these hoagies on the brain it can be hard to keep your favorites straight—so we’re serving up a reminder of what makes each of the top four so great. Here’s why the four finalists are the best of the best.

DiPascale’s at Meadowbrook

If you’re in search of a hoagie with the ultimate flavor combination—here it is, THE Kitchen Sink. This signature was crafted with a lot of patience and experimentation. After six or seven takes, DiPascale’s settled on their final recipe— a sandwich stuffed with Dietz & Watson Roasted Turkey, Prosciutto, Mozzarella balls, Sharp Provolone, roasted red peppers and broccoli rabe. It’s no wonder it’s a customer and contest favorite!

Linden Italian Market

Meet the sandwich that beautifully blends a turkey club and an Italian-style hoagie. The unconventional but oh-so-good Linden Club is comprised of Dietz & Watson Black Peppered Turkey, Sharp Cheddar, bacon, romaine lettuce, dried tomato and basil pesto olive oil on top of a seeded Italian roll. The mouthwatering masterpiece was created as an ode to the mom-and-pop shop’s Italian heritage.

Swarthmore Food Co-Op

A generous smear of veggie cream cheese on a seeded roll is paired with Dietz & Watson Peppered Turkey, arugula and salsa to create the original Santa Fe. Sure, this signature sandwich’s delicious ingredients are surprising, but the bigger surprise is its origin story. The cream cheese was the suggestion of a Swarthmore hoagie-loving regular who asked for the substitution. The rest is history and sandwich fans now flock from all over to taste the masterpiece.


Packed with a spicy blend of Dietz & Watson’s Southern Fried Chicken lunchmeat, Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese and a special secret Sriracha aioli, it’s no wonder Addy’s Hot Chicken Hoagie has quickly risen to the top four. Plus, the backstory is absolutely adorable—co-owner, Chris Klos named the hot hoagie after his daughter Adalynn. As if you needed another reason to love Addy’s specialty sandwich!

Is your stomach growling yet? Good! Head out and taste test these bad boys for yourself and don’t forget to cast your vote to see which of the Top Four takes the title. You can check out the directory of Dietz & Watson’s Real Philly delis here.