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Which Philly Workout is Right for You?

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When Rocky jogged down the Franklin Parkway and up the Art Museum’s steps, one of the most iconic workouts in cinema history was born, inspiring innumerable selfies each year. But there’s more than one way to get your workout in Philly. In fact, wherever and however you exercise in Philly, you can find something that makes you feel like the Italian Stallion himself, even if “Eye of the Tiger” is only playing in your earbuds.

Fit Foodies

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, the Fishtown Beer Runners have figured out a solution. Each and every run ends with drinking beer at a local tavern (no drinking beer during the run, of course). Open to everyone over 21, there is no charge or membership required, and to make things as accessible as possible, the run permits joggers and walkers to join. Faster runners will loop around so that everyone can celebrate the run with a beer at the same time. Even better, the great company won’t be the only thing improving your mood—studies show that exercise can boost your spirits and improve your mental health.

Natural-Born Yogis

Feeling one with Mother Earth is easier in a good environment, and what’s better than exercising in the sunshine? Plus, the combination of exercise and sunlight is a great way to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D (just don’t forget the sunblock). Fortunately, Philly’s great at offering yoga classes at its various parks, like Free Yoga on Race Street Pier and Yoga on the Banks at Schuylkill Park.

High Flyers

Looking for a full body workout that’s still fun and creative? Resistance training is important as you age, and exercising with your own bodyweight is a natural and intuitive way to workout. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fight gravity beyond the typical pull-ups and push-ups. Several gyms in Philadelphia host rock climbing classes that will work your arms and introduce you to a new sport, while aerial yoga offers the challenge of traditional yoga performed from supports several feet in the air. And for anyone who’s ever been to the circus and wondered how the acrobats stay so fit, consider a local class in circus arts, where you can turn your body into a beautiful expression of acrobatic technique.

Philly Fanatics

For those craving a seriously straining workout, there are definitely Philly spots for you, and to make it all go a little easier, they’re happening in some cool landmark venues. The November Project is an intense group workout (think burpees, squats and sprints) that takes place in various city sites­, which include, of course, the Rocky steps. On the other hand, if you’re looking for indoor weight-and-cardio training, look for classes in historic places like the Bellevue and the Bok Building that will take your workout selfie to new heights. The best part? Studies show that intense workouts tend to be more efficient, which means you’ll have more time to just hangout and explore a new favorite Philly spot.

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