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Make a Lasting Impression with the Car in Your Driveway

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

First impressions say a lot. Sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful, luxurious Mercedes-Benz will ensure you put your best foot forward. The exterior of a Mercedes-Benz is designed to be a work of art. Meticulous planning and detail is put into each car for the best possible combination of look and efficiency. You take great pride in how you present yourself to the world, and Mercedes-Benz of West Chester and Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington are here to help you during this holiday season so you can wake up Christmas morning with a big bow on the top of your brand new car.

This year, the Mercedes-Benz partnered with Philadelphia Magazine’s 2014 Design Home to showcase two beautiful vehicles in front of the house, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan and the Brand New Model GLA-Class SUV. The C-Class sedan has a sleek and elegant look that perfectly complimented the contemporary home it sat in front of.  With outstanding headlights, a wide grille, and a subtle spoiler this stylish and fun car shows off your sporty side. If you’re looking for something that’ll fit the whole family, the rugged refinement of the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class SUV is right up your alley, and a favorite of www.yourmercedes.com. This SUV has an aerodynamic design coupled with tall, wide wheels providing a fun, comfortable ride every time you hit the road. The LED headlights and taillights illuminate the road in front of you and give the front of the car a stylish, stunning look that also provides increased safety while driving at night.

The builders of the 2014 Design Home took the same care and attention to detail while designing the exterior of this year’s fabulous, modern home. From the beautifully manicured lawn, to the decorations chosen to adorn the exterior, it’s clear just driving by that this house is something special. You can have the same satisfaction every time you pull into your driveway and see your exciting and well-designed exterior. Choose classic, stylish decorations this season to give your home that timeless feel. Or, improve your curb appeal by giving your front door a blast of color to draw attention. Install outdoor lighting, add plants and flowers to fill in empty space, or mount some window boxes to get ready for spring. The possibilities are endless! And, by updating your exterior, you’re not only improving your first impression, you’re also improving the property value of your home.

From the colors and style you choose, to the car sitting in your driveway, it all says something about you. With a lavish Mercedes-Benz sitting in your driveway that first impression will be one of amazement.  So take a quick trip out to Mercedes-Benz of West Chester and Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington to pick up your new first impression.