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A Classy Holiday Season with Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Do you need a delicious, smooth, drinkable whiskey to impress your guests this holiday season? Look no further! Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select features a bold flavor, timeless character and exceptional smoothness. This special edition whiskey was crafted to honor Frank Sinatra’s fifty-year friendship with Jack Daniel’s. Frank was a fiercely loyal, lifetime fan of the brand, and Sinatra Select was designed to be a classic expression of style. Dazzle your friends and family with a bottle underneath the tree. Or show off your good taste by breaking out a bottle of Sinatra Select for your next party.

The design for Sinatra Select balances Jack Daniel’s legacy and Frank Sinatra’s legacy with a look that is sleek and stylish, a reflection of Sinatra’s timeless good taste. This stunning bottle is a taller, sleeker interpretation of the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle, with an embossed metal shoulder label and a medallion featuring an icon of Frank’s familiar fedora. This whiskey also features a handsomely designed box complete with the Frank Sinatra fedora icon and an orange ribbon. The color orange works as the perfect complement to Sinatra Select’s classic black color palette. Sinatra often used a bright orange pocket handkerchief to add some pop to his tailored suits and tuxedos.

Classic styles worked for him, and they’ll work for you too. Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s put time and effort into creating the perfect whiskey with an outstanding bottle and amazing packaging. Follow their example by cultivating a timeless, striking look to your home. Save money and time on refurnishing by giving your home an enduring feel that you’ll always be happy with.

The 2014 Philadelphia Magazine Design Home was designed as a contemporary home with a timeless feel. From the paint colors to the decorations, care and consideration was taken in designing every aspect of this lovely house. To give your own home a timeless feel choose colors that fit now and forever. Standards such as cream, beige, or latte will fit every room and always look good. There’s no need to chase the “in” color just to have to re-paint it next year when neon colors become the next trend.

To fill out the classic look, find traditional, comfortable furniture. Choose designs that have a classic look but aren’t pigeonholed into any specific time period.  Take functionality into account as well; since you and your guests will demand comfort while sipping the delicious Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select. If you invest in quality, hand-made furniture it will keep your guests happy for years to come. Fit these designs to your tastes and you’ll be happy and content every time you look around your home.

At this year’s Design Home, Brown-Forman was on-hand serving up delicious spirits and giving out great tips for hosting holiday parties. Show off the changes around your house with a throwback party featuring Sinatra Select! Put on a Sinatra album to get your guests tapping their feet and reliving the good old days. Invite your friends to wear classic suits and vintage dresses to step back in time and celebrate like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.

Order Sinatra Select today, and find other delicious whiskey options from Brown-Forman online to spice up your holiday parties this season.