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Inside Design Home 2017: Q&A With Designers Polly Carlton and Kathy Moore

Photo credit: Sydbury Rendering by Maggie Casper

Photo credit: Sydbury Rendering by Maggie Casper

It’s not often that two designers collaborate on a project, but when the project in question is the scale of Philadelphia magazine’s Design Home 2017, it takes more than just one pair of eyes. That’s why builder, Mark Weiss, brought together the creative minds of Polly Carlton of Winslow Interiors and Kathy Moore of KAM Interiors. Both women are exceptional designers with unique perspectives and an unmistakable passion for what they do. Their commitment to life’s tiniest details is exactly what makes their work so inspiringly authentic.

What is your favorite element in Design Home that you worked on?

Carlton: I’m particularly excited about the kitchen. Kitchens, food, and cooking are such a big part of my life. I really feel like it’s the heart of the home. But I also love the textures throughout Design Home 2017. They are typified by new cutting-edge materials—like the glossy Dekton on the backsplash— as well as natural elements such as the wood grain of the hardwood floor. I think people will be surprised and will enjoy seeing what can be created with so many new and traditional elements.

Moore: Every day I walk into Design Home and think that I’ve found my perfect room. My favorite thing about this house is that each space—whether it’s a high-profile space like the living room or a simple space like a hallway—has a unique design component or some element of surprise. No space is overlooked and each part of the house has something in place to make you go, ‘ooh, ahh’. It’s a Mark Weiss trademark to have a ‘wow’ factor in each room you walk through. And I think that’s what makes Design Home so special: there’s something to love everywhere you go, everywhere you look.

Were you inspired by any particular trends?

Carlton: Trends tend to come and go—so I don’t necessarily follow them. Mark Weiss had a vision for Design Home 2017. It was my goal to select materials and finishes for this project that are innovative and blend them with classics, to best represent Mark’s vision.

Moore: Right now, personally, everything modern looks fresh to me. But one must consider the architecture and the surroundings of a home. That’s not to say that old homes can’t be decorated with a modern eye, but I think architecture inspires you to think about blending trends to create a cohesive and functional space.

What was it like to work collaboratively on a project of this size?

Carlton: Being part of this team was easy and it all starts with a good builder. Mark Weiss has the ability to pull skillful people together—not just Kathy and I—but also the painters, the carpenters, the installers, and other trades people. Plus, working with Kathy was wonderful. We helped balance each other throughout the process. It’s very exciting for our whole team to see this project come to fruition!

Moore: For me, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Polly and the team. We have different styles, but we almost always arrive at the same conclusion. While we get there in very different ways, we’ve really been in sync on this project. Because Design Home 2017 is so high-profile, it’s great to have another person to collaborate with on something of this scale. I think two or three sets of eyes are always better than one set, especially when there are so many decisions to make.

Is there anything you’d want a potential Design Home guest to know as they walk through the doors this year?

Carlton: The way this house integrates the exterior elements is truly special. There are phenomenal windows—and the way the home is positioned, backed up to gorgeous preserved land—you can just feel how it brings in its surroundings. It’s like living in a treehouse. That, combined with the finishes, make for a spectacular setting.

Moore: Pay close attention as you go through each room. It’s easy to walk in and acknowledge the overall feel of the house, but there are interesting details embedded in each room—from the glass shelves in the kitchen cabinets to the tile in the master bathroom—spend time seeking out those details. These are what make this home so special. To me, it’s a masterpiece.

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